Sauna cabin

Sauna cabin (40 m2) was made in year 2012 to be used in summertime. It is a wood burning sauna, water is also heated by wood. Sauna is suitable for about 7 persons.

There is a sand path going to lake directly from the sauna. The cabin has big windows to the lake. There is a long table for 10-12 persons, also a bed and a sofa. Cabin is heated by wood stove where you can also make food or coffee.

Toilet is situated outside (also suitable for wheelchair) and there is an outdoor dressing room. You can make fire outside and use a rowing boat on the lake. Terrace is on the lake side.

It is a wonderful place if you want to experience something without eletricity, you can also spend a night there. The view to the lake is magnificent like from the cabins and the caravan area.

Sauna cabin is separate from the other cabins, about 600m from other cabins, but you can drive with a car to the yard.