Main building

The main building has three rental apartments and an event venue.

Three apartments, a sauna and an event venue

Main building was built in the year 1947 to function as a school. It has been renovated in 2008 to host events and guests.

Main building has capacity to host an event up to 80 persons when combining two rooms. Also smaller events can be hosted easily, as the rooms are flexible. The spacious entrance hall can be used for servings. During the event, a fully equipped kitchen is available for use.

Main building is located on the main yard of Aneen Loma. On the same yard, there is a barbecue hut available for use. Additionally, a sauna with a grill, and a traditional, 1947 built, wood-heated sauna, all available for rent by agreement.

Main building has three apartments and a sauna. Two upstairs apartments have one bedroom with three bunk beds and a sofa bed. The apartment downstairs has three rooms with two single beds and five bunk beds. These apartments can host 24+4 guests.


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